Mission And Vision

  The European Union has begun to take many measures in order to reduce the pollution rate of the nature which is heavily polluted. One of them is to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags . In this respect, many EU countries have begun to prohibit plastic bags one by one.

    Non-woven and pp woven bags stand out as the best and convenient alternative to plastic bag bans . In the European Union, many market groups import non woven and pp woven bags from Far East. The reasons for this import are the lack of sufficient producers in the European Union and competitive prices . But imports from the Far East also have some risks. The most important is the long shipping time and customs obligations. In addition, imports from the Far East cause capital losses within the EU. In this respect, Eurobags serves to meet the demands of customers within the European Union under the best conditions. Eurobags has an extremely fast and experienced team, offering the best prices with the best shipping and production time in the developing market conditions. Eurobags is proud of its contribution to nature and the environment with its ultrasonic non woven bag prices competing with the Far East.